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EN come on guys

1. colloquial

come on guys
allez les gars [coll.] [ex.]

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come noun
to come verb
on adjective
on adverb
on preposition
guys noun
to guy verb
guy noun

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EnglishYou know, how come you guys don't believe in God?
Comment se fait-il que vous ne croyiez pas en Dieu ?
EnglishCome on, guys, you are losing your enthusiasm.
Allez, les amis, vous perdez votre enthousiasme.
EnglishCome on, guys.
En serons-nous à 15 p. 100 l'an prochain ?
EnglishHow come you guys always go out at night?
Pourquoi sortez-vous toujours la nuit ?
EnglishCome on, guys, this is our time.
EnglishCome on, guys.