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1. American English, colloquial

cotton-picking (also: cussed)
sale {adj.} [coll.]
cotton-picking (also: bally, bleeping, darn, doggone)
sacré {adj.} [coll.]

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cotton noun
picking noun
to pick verb
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EnglishIn agriculture women mostly worked at cotton-picking.
Dans l'agriculture, la plupart des femmes se livrent à la récolte du coton.
EnglishChildren must pay for the food and accommodation they are provided with during the cotton picking season.
Ils doivent payer la nourriture et le logement qui leur sont fournis pendant la récolte du coton.
EnglishKANYAZOV (Uzbekistan) said that no child was compelled to engage in cotton-picking in his country.
M. KANYAZOV (Ouzbékistan) confirme qu'aucun enfant n'est contraint d'aller récolter le coton dans son pays.