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crushed adjective
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to preposition
death noun
to death

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EnglishHe had been out riding in a militia and was nearly crushed to death.
Il se promenait à cheval, est tombé et l'animal l'a presque écrasé à mort.
Englishhe was crushed to death by a rock
Englishto be crushed to death
Englishto be crushed to death
EnglishIn addition, in the latest house demolitions in Khan Younis, a wheelchair-bound man of more than 70 years of age was crushed to death, as he failed to escape his house in time.
En plus, lors des dernières démolitions à Khan Younis, un homme de plus 70 ans dans une chaise roulante est mort écrasé car il n'a pu s'échapper de sa maison à temps.

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