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EN to flame up

1. "fire"

to flame up (also: to blaze, to burn up, to flambé, to flame)

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flame noun
to flame verb
to be up to verb
up adjective
up adverb
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EnglishChrist, the light, is fire, flame, burning up evil and so reshaping both the world and ourselves.
Le Christ, la lumière est feu, il est la flamme qui brûle le mal transformant ainsi le monde et nous-mêmes.
EnglishAround 90% of the world's production of flame retardants ends up in electronics and plastics, while the remaining 10% ends up in coated fabrics and upholstery furniture and bedding products.
Environ 90 % de la production mondiale de retardateurs de flamme aboutit dans l'électronique et les plastiques, les tissus et les meubles se partageant les 10 % restants.