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ideologue (also: ideologist)
Al-Bashir, like Nimeiri, was heavily influenced by the main ideologue of the National Islamic Front, Hassan Al-Turabi.
El Bechir, comme Nimeyri, subit fortement l'influence du principal idéologue du Front national islamique, Hassan El Tourabi.
Despite his credentials as an Islamist leader and ideologue, Turki's forces are predominantly from his own Reer Abdille sub-clan of the Darod/Ogaden.
Malgré sa notoriété en tant que dirigeant et idéologue islamiste, Turki recrute essentiellement ses hommes dans son propre sous-clan, Reer Abdille du Darod-Ogaden.
I am sure as a taxpayer, the honourable senator should certainly appreciate this; I certainly appreciate that and I am not a right-wing ideologue.
C'est certainement mon cas, et je ne suis pas une idéologue de droite.

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