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"naw" in French

naw {interj.}

EN naw

1. "no", Scottish English

naw (also: no, nope, nix, nut)
non {interj.}

Context sentences for "naw" in French

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EnglishNaw May Oo Paw was forced to flee Kaw Za village because of fighting in April 1997.
Naw May Oo Paw a été obligée de fuir le village de Kaw Za du fait des combats qui s'y déroulaient en avril 1997.
EnglishThe entry for Badghis (Qala-I-Naw) should read 1 P-3, 1 NO, 10 LLa
Sous Badghis (Qala-I-Naw), lire 1 P-3, 1 AN, 10 ALa
EnglishNational Alliance of Women (NAW)
EnglishBadghis (Qala-I-Naw)