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to stay tuned in

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stay noun
to stay verb
tuned adjective
to tune verb
tune noun
in adverb
in preposition

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EnglishSenator Mitchell: Honourable senators, we should not have to stay tuned because Minister Prentice says he already has a clear plan.
Nous avons d'excellentes personnes représentant les intérêts du Canada à Copenhague.
EnglishI ask him to stay tuned and he will see it happen.
Le député demande comment la chose se fera.
EnglishWe should all stay tuned and be thankful.
Restons à l'affût et réjouissons-nous.
EnglishStay tuned, honourable senators.
Restez à l'écoute, honorables sénateurs.
EnglishSenator Mercer: Stay tuned.
Le sénateur Mercer : Restez à l'écoute.
EnglishStay tuned for further developments.
Englishto stay tuned