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To translate a word from English to Hungarian use the search field above and type in your word or phrase. You can also enter a Hungarian word as both sides of the dictionary are searched simultaneously. The results are divided in different sections to help you find the right Hungarian translation easily. The page will display translations, synonyms, example sentences and forum entries. These extra tools can be helpful to find more information.

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If you are not sure of the word you want to translate then you can click on a letter below and browse a full list of English words in the English-Hungarian dictionary. This is a good option when you do not know the correct spelling of the word. By selecting a word in the list, you will find all Hungarian translations and relevant English synonyms.

Users are adding new Hungarian translations to the English-Hungarian dictionary all the time. The most recent of these are shown here. In order for new user-contributed content to be permanently included in the English to Hungarian dictionary they need to be approved. With the verify utility you can decide if the suggestions are correct or not. If there is a mistake, you can suggest a correction.

You can be part of the bab.la community and join us in creating the best and largest English-Hungarian dictionary there is to find online. Every single user contributing new Hungarian translations helps us improve the quality and usefulness of all our dictionaries. Adding new English to Hungarian translations is one way to help. Translating from English to Hungarian is different from case to case depending on many factors. There can be more than one Hungarian translation of English words, as words can have varying meanings depending on the context they are put in. Whenever a new English or Hungarian expression is suggested as an addition to the dictionary it gets marked as unverified. This means it will still show up in the results when the English-Hungarian dictionary is searched, but that users are aware it has not been verified yet.
Register as a user with us today and you will start collecting points for the world ranking. To do so just add words to the English-Hungarian dictionary. You can also post a question on our English-Hungarian forum. Other bab.la users are always happy to help you, if you are not sure about a translation, Hungarian grammar or other Hungarian language related subjects. Here bab.la users discuss everything from translation to grammar and anything else that is Hungarian language related.