EN to deaden
[deadened|deadened] {verb}

Context sentences for "to deaden" in Hungarian

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EnglishI could hear the whiskey when he lifted the flask again, and I felt glad for him that there was so much there, that he could drink it and deaden this pain.
Hallottam, hogy meglöttyen a pálinka, amint felemelte a kulacsot, és örültem, hogy még van bőven; ihat, és ezzel enyhítheti fájdalmát.
EnglishAs soon as they were gone, Elizabeth walked out to recover her spirits; or in other words, to dwell without interruption on those subjects that must deaden them more.
Mihelyt a férfiak távoztak, Elizabeth kiment a kertbe, hogy megnyugtassa kedélyét, illetve zavartalanul töprenghessen olyan dolgokon, amelyek még jobban lehangolták.