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doorkeeper (also: doorman, gatekeeper, porter, gate-keeper)
kapus {noun}
doorkeeper (also: doorman, gatekeeper, hall porter, janitor)

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EnglishAnd the doorkeeper flies after me on the stairs with the shoe brush.
A múltkor meg akartak tenni tanácsosnak, de mondom: minek?
EnglishThe group crossed the square, entered Jehaundel by the front portal, which was opened for them by a doorkeeper.
A csapat átvágott a téren, és a főbejáraton keresztül belépett a palotába.
EnglishNow, in the dim coppery glare of day, the guardian of the pass appeared more like a doorkeeper at the gate of hell.
Most a hágó őrizője a nappal rezes derengésében inkább hasonlított a pokol tornácára.