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Erin {pr.n.}
to {prp.}

EN Erin
{proper noun}

1. "poetic", archaic


Context sentences for "Erin" in Hungarian

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EnglishIt could not be savage raiders from over the sea, or from the wild shores of Erin.
Nem lehettek vad lovasok a tengeren túlról, sem Erin kietlen partjairól.
EnglishYou can call me Mom or you can call me Erin, but you cannot call me Slim.
Hívhatsz anyunak, vagy Erinnek, de nem szólíthatsz Slimnek!
EnglishSo, to our new son-in-law, may we say Erin Go Braugh.
Talán most azt kellene mondanom a vőmnek hogy "Erin Go Braugh".
EnglishErin, what the fuck's going on?
EnglishErin, find your goddamn boyfriend.
EnglishErin, what's going on?
English-I'm Erin Shleeter.
EnglishErin, I'm dead.
EnglishMorgan, it's Erin.
EnglishErin, where are you?
EnglishMy name is Erin....
EnglishErin, are you OK?
English...Erin is over.
EnglishCome on, Erin.
EnglishMy name is Erin....
EnglishErin, come on.
EnglishErin, come on.
EnglishWhy not, Erin?

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