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exorbitant price (also: soak, famine price)

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EnglishThis private interview with Mitchell Flanagan had been bought and paid for by Rowan Mayfair-or the Mayfair family at any rate-at an exorbitant price.
Ezt a magánbeszélgetést Mitchell Flanagannel Rowan Mayfair vagy a Mayfair-család vásárolta meg irtózatos áron.
EnglishThey left their small shuttle at the Port Authority and paid a fee to guarantee its protection-an exorbitant enough price that Wedge was reasonably sure they would have no troubles.
Port Authoritynál hagyták a parányi űrsiklót, és Wedge annyi pénzt vett magához, hogy nyugodtak legyenek, nem kerülnek bajba.