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EnglishGot you covered, Bronco, his wingman replied.
Fedezlek, Bronco felelte a kísérője.
EnglishBut don't worry about it, I got it covered.
EnglishI got you, cuz, I got you covered.
EnglishI got you covered since I let you down.
English- Division's got it covered.
EnglishSo you’ve got that covered.
EnglishI'm sure he got this covered.
English- We got you covered, baby.
English'I got you covered.'
EnglishWe got it covered, Ralph.
EnglishI've got her covered.
EnglishI got that covered.
EnglishMonk's got it covered.
EnglishI got that covered.
EnglishWe got it covered.
EnglishWe got you covered.
English-I got it covered.

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