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EnglishWell, he said, I don't suppose it would have made any difference.
Nem hiszem, hogy sokat számított volna mondta a fiú.
EnglishWe have the Elfstones, he pointed out, wondering as he did so if it made any difference that they did.
Nekünk itt vannak a Tündérkövek mondta Wil, de ugyanabban a pillanatban kételkedni kezdett a Tündérkövekben.
English- It wouldn't have made any difference.
EnglishSupposing it made any difference to me.
EnglishAnd the unlovely truth about Father Brigham was this: it probably would not have made any difference to him even if he had known.
Brigham atyáról viszont el kell mondani azt a kellemetlen igazságot, hogy fütyült volna Willie tiszi történetére, ha ismeri is.
English- It wouldn't have made any difference.
EnglishNone of it made any difference.

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