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EnglishI don't think a commune of the Twelve Apostles could have made me do that, she said.
- Engem a Tizenkét Apostol kommunája se bírhatott volna rá - mondta.
EnglishHe made me do things I never thought I would do.
Olyan dolgokat csinált velem amiket soha nem csináltam de szerettem volna.
EnglishThe things Eliot made me do, he thought.
Minderre Eliot vett rá, gondolta magában.
EnglishGet on your knees, like you made me do.
Térdelj le, mint ha le akarnál szopni.
EnglishSomething made me do it, some outside force.
EnglishThe women made me do it.”
EnglishI guess that's what made me do it.
English'Look what you made me do.'
English'Now Look What You've Made Me Do.'
EnglishTally made me do it.
EnglishWho made me do this?
English'Look what you made me do.'
English'Look what you made me do.'
EnglishThey made me do it.

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