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"to screw out" in Hungarian

EN to screw out

to screw out (also: to call forth, to elicit, to juggle)
to screw out (also: to enforce, to force, to extort)
to screw out (also: to tap, to juice)

Context sentences for "to screw out" in Hungarian

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EnglishThey're just out to screw you, Deck says, inching closer, already dispensing advice.
Csak át akarják verni magát mondja Deck, miközben egyre közelebb araszol a férfihoz, és máris osztogatja a tanácsait.
EnglishIf he's out, screw the kid.
EnglishAlways out to screw us.
Egytől egyig minket akarnak átverni.
Englishto screw money out of sb