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shebang {noun}

shebang (also: affair, job, labor, matter)
shebang (also: affair, case, event, hap)
shebang (also: affair, business, case, cause)
shebang (also: bar, bistro)
shebang (also: corner, dump, locality, location)
shebang (also: hall, vaudeville)
shebang (also: hovel, shanty)
shebang (also: hovel, hut, lodge, shack)
shebang (also: hovel, kennel, shanty, shed)
lebuj {noun} [coll.]
shebang (also: shitbox)
shebang (also: shitbox)

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EnglishAside from Ellen's sister, Raylene, who was a pretty fair Socket Wrench Susie, the two of them had been the whole shebang.
Ellen nővérén kívül, aki egyébiránt egészen tűrhetően bütykölt gépeket, ők ketten alkották az egész hóbelevancot.
EnglishThe whole shebang skipped.
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