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undercover man (also: canary, crab, finger, informant)
undercover man (also: informant, informer, mole, spy)
kém {noun}
undercover man (also: mole)
undercover man (also: secret agent)
undercover man

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EnglishIn view of his office, he knew about the Londonderry incident that had blown Prestons cover as an Army undercover man.
Hivatalból tudott a londonderryi esetről, amely véget vetett Preston katonai hírszerzői pályafutásának.
EnglishAmanda Grady Mayfair told our undercover society man, Allan Carver, `Cortland wants me to go home to take care of the baby I tell you I feel so sorry for that baby.
Amanda Grady Mayfair azt pletykálta társasági titkos ügynökünknek, Allan Carvernek: Cortland azt akarja, hogy menjek haza, és viseljek gondot a babára.