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cage (also: cot, house, pen, stall)
We have made it quite clear to these people that an infinite monkey cage is roomy.
Kita telah menjelaskan kepada orang-orang ini bahwa kandang monyet tak terbatas ini luas.
Then he put a video monitor in the monkey's cage that showed the monkey this prosthetic arm, and the monkey got fascinated.
Lalu dia memasang monitor pada kandang monyet yang menunjukkan tangan buatan itu kepada monyet ini, dan monyet itu menjadi terpesona.
So therefore, we get a lot of complaints every single week -- complaints including one we get very often, which is to say the very title, "Infinite Monkey Cage," celebrates the idea of vivisection.
Sehingga kami mendapat banyak keluhan setiap minggunya -- salah satu keluhan yang sering kami dapat, adalah bahwa judul "Kandang Monyet Tak Terbatas," ini mengagungkan pembedahan makhluk hidup.
cage (also: cabin)
kurung {noun}
cage (also: confinement)
cage (also: can, cooler, coop, freezer)

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EnglishIt's "Aria" of John Cage.

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