strip {noun}

strip (also: route, stripe, track)
This is what it looks like in reality; you have this irregular ring around it, with strips of 100 meters wide, with sugar palms that can provide income for 648 families.
Beginilah wujudnya dalam kenyataan, terlihat lingkaran tak beraturan yang mengelilingi, dengan jalur pohon aren selebar 100 meter yang dapat memberi penghasilan untuk 648 kepala keluarga.
strip (also: belt, column, row)
strip (also: stripe)

Context sentences for "strip" in Indonesian

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EnglishWe can strip that tissue very economically, and so this is how we can get biologic knee replacement to go global.
Lalu beginilah kita akan mendapat penggantian lutut biologis agar mendunia.
EnglishOur education system has mined our minds in the way that we strip-mine the earth: for a particular commodity.
Sistem pendidikan kita telah menambang pikiran kita dengan cara kita menambang bumi kita: untuk komoditas tertentu.
EnglishAnother device is called SpeedStrip.
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