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EN adrenal

1. medicine

surrenale {adj. m/f}
What he had was an extreme form of a condition called congenital adrenal hyperplasia.
Presentava una forma estrema di una condizione detta iperplasia surrenale congenita.

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EnglishAnd the adrenal glands make androgens, which are a masculinizing hormone.
Queste ghiandole producono androgeni, gli ormoni che rendono maschi.
EnglishFemales, like males, have in our bodies something called the adrenal glands.
Sia femmine che maschi hanno le ghiandole surrenali.
EnglishHe had XX chromosomes, and in the womb, his adrenal glands were in such high gear that it created, essentially, a masculine hormonal environment.
Aveva i cromosomi XX, ma nel suo grembo le ghiandole surrenali erano tanto attive da creare in pratica un ambiente ormonale maschile.