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baby girl (also: kiddie, kiddy, moppet)
baby girl (also: baby, child, infant, kiddie)
(Laughter) "Baby girl, someday the world will be in trouble.
(Risate) "Bambina, un giorno il mondo sarà in pericolo.
I photographed her before and after the birth of her beautiful baby girl, Issa.
L'ho fotografata prima e dopo la nascita di Issa, la sua bellissima bambina.
She said, "That's my baby girl, and you have to promise me now you'll always take care of her."
"È la mia bambina, e devi promettermi adesso che ti prenderai sempre cura di lei."
baby girl (also: candy-ass, squaw)

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EnglishWe were delighted to hear of the birth of your new baby boy/girl. Congratulations.
Le più vive e cordiali felicitazioni per il lieto evento!
EnglishI've had a baby girl
Englishto want a baby girl