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EN bulge

1. nautical science

bulge (also: clew)

2. formal

And it turns out that his temporal bones were harvested when he died to try to look at the cause of his deafness, which is why he has molding clay and his skull is bulging out on the side there.
. ~~~ Questo spiega l'argilla da modellazione e una protuberanza su un lato del teschio.

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English. - (NL) The battle against the bulge must start from a young age.
La battaglia contro il sovrappeso deve iniziare precocemente.
EnglishThe battle against the bulge transcends borders.
La lotta alla pancia va oltre le frontiere.
EnglishYou plunder the countries of the Third World and complain about the economic migrants who make capitalists' wallets bulge.
Saccheggiate i paesi del Terzo mondo e vi lamentate degli immigranti economici che fanno arricchire i capitalisti.
Englisha bulge in the birthrate
Englishthe battle of the Bulge
EnglishBattle of the Bulge
Englisha demographic bulge