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EnglishFor instance, here's the trajectory of Marc Chagall, an artist born in 1887.
Ad esempio, ecco la traiettoria di Marc Chagall, un artista nato nel 1887.
EnglishIf people want to get me something at the end of the conference, you could buy me a Chagall.
Se qualcuno di voi vuole farmi un regalino a fine conferenza, potrebbe comprarmi un Chagall.
EnglishI love the work of Chagall.
EnglishI would love a Chagall.
EnglishSacred Scripture has thus become a sort of “immense vocabulary” (Paul Claudel) and “iconographic atlas” (Marc Chagall), from which both Christian culture and art have drawn.
Claudel) e di « atlante iconografico » (M. Chagall), a cui hanno attinto la cultura e l'arte cristiana.

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