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EN clinch

1. "nail"


2. "part of nail"

clinch (also: riveting, clinching)

3. "in boxing"

He said, well, you can go back to Clinch Mountain, where I'm from, or Asheville or Mount Airy, North Carolina -- some place that has a lot of music.
Lui disse, be', puoi andare a Clinch Mountain, da dove vengo io, o ad Asheville o a Mount Airy, Carolina del Nord, qualche luogo che abbia molta tradizione musicale.

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Englishto clinch the question once and for all
Englishto be in a clinch
stringersi in un abbraccio appassionato
EnglishThe Commission proposal to clarify regulations on shipments of waste and clinch a deal on common rules for the waste markets is sorely needed.
Credo che sarebbe importante se nella proposta in questione venissero comprese le acque regionali dell’ Unione europea, che devono essere protette dalle minacce poste dal traffico di rifiuti.