flutter {noun}

flutter (also: bat, flap)
battito {m} (di ali, ciglia e simili)
con un battito di ciglia

flutter {masculine}


Context sentences for "flutter" in Italian

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EnglishThe rainy ones fall down as if they're in a rainstorm, and the snowy ones kind of flutter to the ground.
Quelli piovosi cadono come fossero in una tempesta, e quelli nevosi volteggiano verso il terreno.
Englishto have a flutter on the Stock Exchange
EnglishSo the sunny ones swirl around, the cloudy ones float along, the rainy ones fall down, and the snowy ones flutter to the ground.
Per cui quelli solari girano, i nuvolosi galleggiano, quelli piovosi precipitano, e quelli nevosi ondeggiano verso il suolo.
Englishshe likes the odd flutter
Englishwith a flutter of her eyelashes
Englishto flutter one's eyelashes