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EN forked

forked (also: furcate, bifurcate, branched)
biforcuta {adj. f}
avere la lingua biforcuta
forked (also: furcate, bifurcate, branched)
biforcuto {adj. m}

Context sentences for "forked" in Italian

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EnglishBut they must speak with honesty, not using double-speak or with forked tongues.
Devono però parlare con franchezza, non essere ambigui o taglienti.
EnglishThis is a case of applying double standards and speaking with a forked tongue.
Si tratta di un caso in cui si applicano due pesi e due misure e si parla in maniera ipocrita.
EnglishWe are talking with forked tongues today in Parliament too.
Anche oggi in Parlamento riecheggiano pareri molto ambigui.
EnglishDoes Vice-President Brittan speak with a forked tongue?
Con quante lingue parla il Vicepresidente Brittan?