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ghetto youth
  • ghetto giovanile
  • ghetto giovani

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It has no jurisdiction over what is played in the dancehall, which is where our ghetto youth hear most of their music.
Allow us to bring our ghetto youth with talent out.
Remember, it is ghetto youth who are the primary victims of this violence.
There is absolutely no public figure anywhere his age who is as popular among young people, especially ghetto youth, and who is seen as their peer.
Stand on your feet ghetto youths, if you work hard for life you no go lose.
You are building a following that does not support any ghetto youth in any way.
But what got him there was wholly different from what is being offered to many ghetto youths today, much of which is not merely futile but counterproductive.
Uptowners speak patois differently from so-called ghetto youths.
Stop raising foolish arguments about "fighting gainst ghetto youths".
For, unlike what many people think, not all ghetto youths are expected by their peers and associates to get involved in criminal activities.

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