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EN gyre

1. "circular movement"

2. "circle", poetic

3. "spiral", poetic

gyre (also: hairspring, spiral, IUD, whirl)

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EnglishI then, in the last few years, learned about the Pacific garbage patch and the gyre.
Poi, negli ultimi anni, ho scoperto il Pacific Garbage Patch e il suo vortice.
EnglishAfter 20 years, we see emerging the debris accumulation zone of the North Pacific Gyre.
Dopo 20 anni, vediamo emergere la zona di accumulazione del pattume del "Vortice del Nord Pacifico".
EnglishIt's not just that gyre of plastic that I'm concerned about -- it's the gyre of plastic in the supermarket.
Non mi preoccupa solo quel vortice di plastica, è il vortice di plastica nei supermercati.
EnglishThat's the Pacific Gyre.
EnglishThese happen to go down to a vast South Pacific Gyre, where they spend most of their time and often end up getting hooked like this, or as bycatch.
loro si dirigono verso un ampio gorgo nel Pacifico Meridionale dove passano la maggior parte del tempo e spesso finiscono adescate in questo modo oppure come pesca involontaria.

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