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EnglishMy cello and my voice are layered to create this large sonic canvas.
Creo strati con la mia voce e col violoncello per dipingere un'enorme tela sonora.
EnglishI don't know if you've read or heard about the sub-sonic sounds from elephants -- you know what I mean, like, "Br-r-r!"
Non so se avete sentito o letto dei suoni subsonici emessi dagli elefanti -- sapete di cosa parlo, "Brr-r-r!"
EnglishNow we'd like to be able to add to a kind of glorious visual composition that we have of the universe -- a sonic composition.
Ci piacerebbe poter aggiungere, a una sorta di gloriosa composizione visiva che abbiamo dell'universo, una composizione sonora.
EnglishIt was called the bullet train because it was rounded in front, but every time it went into a tunnel it would build up a pressure wave, and then it would create like a sonic boom when it exited.
E' stato chiamato bullet train (treno a pallottola) perché era tondeggiante davanti.
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