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EN to spill out

1. "liquid"

to spill out (also: to pitch over)
to spill out (also: to slop)
to spill out (also: to swill around, to leak out)

2. "contents"

to spill out (also: to pay, to pay over, to slop, to slosh)

3. "secrets", figurative

to spill out (also: to yield up, to blab out)

4. "story", figurative

to spill out

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spill noun
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out noun
out adverb
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EnglishAnd it's not that he's not eating, it's that when he eats, his intestine basically opens up and feces spill out into his gut.
Ma qui non si tratta di denutrizione, succede che quando mangia il suo intestino basicamente si apre e le feci si riversano nello stomaco.
EnglishAbove all, Italy, my own country, has to deal on a daily basis with instances of trafficking that spill out onto our roads and our spaces.
Il mio paese, l'Italia per prima, si trova quotidianamente a fronteggiare la repressione dei casi di tratta che invadono le nostre strada, i nostri spazi.
EnglishAs these commercial vehicles go round roundabouts the fuel tends to spill out and motorbikes following closely behind skid on the greasy surface that diesel leaves.
Quando i veicoli commerciali si immettono sulle rotonde, il carburante tende a fuoriuscire dal serbatoio e i motocicli che seguono a breve distanza scivolano sulla superficie unta di gasolio.