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battle {noun} [example]

EN battle

バトル {noun}
battle (also: game)
一戦 [いっせん] {noun}
battle (also: war)
交戦 [こうせん] {noun}
battle (also: engagement)
合戦 [かっせん] {noun} [rare]
battle (also: campaign, fight, war)
[いくさ] {noun}
battle (also: conflict, fight, struggle)
戦い [たたかい] {noun}
battle (also: engagement, fight, combat)
戦闘 [せんとう] {noun}
battle (also: military campaign, war)
戦役 [せんえき] {noun}
battle (also: conflict, fight, struggle)
闘い [たたかい] {noun}
battle (also: campaign, position, service, use)
[えき] {noun}
battle (also: army, campaign, fight, force)
[いくさ] {noun} [obs.]

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Englishrough fence of bamboo, logs, etc. constructed at battle sites or execution grounds
Englishcloth covering one's back to protect against arrows during battle
Englishmonument to the faithful who died in battle
Englishmonument to the faithful who died in battle
Englishtaking command of a corps in a battle
Englishforward edge of the battle area
Englishfinal battle of Heike-Genji wars
Englishdecisive battle of brief duration
Englishpersons who have fallen in battle
Englishquick battle for a quick victory
Englishpreparing for action or battle
Englishreturn to the battle line
Englishyell which opens a battle
Englishbattle array or formation
Englishsite of a bloody battle
Englishto win every battle
EnglishBattle of Shanghai
EnglishBattle of Nagashino
Englishbattle of Dannoura
Englishbattle of Dannoura