EN charm

お守り [おまもり] {noun}
charm (also: amulet, looking after)
お守 [おまもり] {noun}
charm (also: attractiveness, courtesy)
愛嬌 [あいきょう] {noun}
charm (also: courtesy, love and respect)
愛敬 [あいきょう] {noun}
charm (also: amulet, looking after)
御守り [おまもり] {noun}
見栄え [みばえ] {noun}
見映え [みばえ] {noun}
見栄 [みえ] {noun}
見映 [みばえ] {noun}
charm (also: incantation, spell)
呪文 [じゅもん] {noun}
charm (also: amulet)
呪符 [じゅふ] {noun}
charm (also: curse, incantation, spell)
呪い [のろい] {noun}
charm (also: attractiveness, humanity)
情味 [じょうみ] {noun}
charm (also: coloring, colouring, desire, glamor)
色気 [いろけ] {noun}
色香 [いろか] {noun}
charm (also: attractiveness)
人好き [ひとずき] {noun}
charm (also: merit, virtue)
美点 [びてん] {noun}
charm (also: magical power)
魔力 [まりょく] {noun}
魅力 [みりょく] {noun}
魅惑 [みわく] {noun}
charm (also: profit, exquisite)
妙味 [みょうみ] {noun}
charm (also: beauty, genius)
麗質 [れいしつ] {noun}
飾り [かざり] {noun} (装身具の)

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