EN chief

1. general

chief (also: head)
所長 [しょちょう] {noun}
chief (also: head)
署長 [しょちょう] {noun}
chief (also: boss, superior authorities)
上司 [じょうし] {noun}
chief (also: boss, head)
親玉 [おやだま] {noun}
chief (also: boss, head)
親分 [おやぶん] {noun}
chief (also: head, principal)
[おさ] {noun}
chief (also: director, secretary)
長官 [ちょうかん] {noun}
chief (also: leader)
統領 [とうりょう] {noun}
chief (also: leader)
頭株 [あたまかぶ] {noun}
chief (also: head, leader)
頭目 [とうもく] {noun}
chief (also: boss, head)
頭領 [とうりょう] {noun}
チーフ {noun}
chief (also: boss, leader)
領袖 [りょうしゅう] {noun}
chief (also: head)
主長 [しゅちょう] {noun}

2. politics

chief (also: head)
首長 [しゅちょう] {noun}
chief (also: first desk, head, top seat)
首席 [しゅせき] {noun}

Context sentences for "chief" in Japanese

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Englishcommander-in-chief of the expeditionary force against the barbarians
Englishtaking up a new position as chief priest of a Buddhist temple
Englishelder chief of a village or town during Edo Period
Englishchief of the general affairs department
Englishchief of personnel administration
EnglishChief Executive Officer (CEO)
Englishassistant chief of staff, g1
Englishassistant chief of staff, g2
Englishassistant chief of staff, g2
Englishassistant chief of staff, g3
Englishassistant chief of staff, g3
Englishchief actor in a Kabuki play
Englishchief brewer at a sake brewery
Englishchief examiner or investigator
EnglishChief Executive Officer
EnglishChief Financial Officer
Englishchief advisor to the Emperor
Englishchief councillor of state
Englishrevised by section chief
EnglishChief Cabinet Secretary