EN to dangle
[dangled|dangled] {verb}

to dangle (also: to dribble, to hang down, to suspend)
垂らす [たらす] {vb}
to dangle (also: to confer, to droop, to drop, to give)
垂れる [たれる] {vb}
to dangle (also: to hang)
垂れ下がる [たれさがる] {vb}
to dangle (also: to hang down)
吊り下がる [つりさがる] {vb}
to dangle (also: to hang down)
釣り下がる [つりさがる] {vb}
to dangle (also: to hang, to suspend, to swing)
ぶら下げる [ぶらさげる] {vb}
to dangle (also: to hang from, to swing)
ぶら下がる [ぶらさがる] {vb}
to dangle (also: to hang around)
ぶらつく {vb} [coll.]

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Englishto let one's arms dangle at one's sides