EN delivery

1. general

届けること [とどけること] {noun}
引き渡すこと [ひきわたすこと] {noun}
受け渡し [うけわたし] {noun}
受渡し [うけわたし] {noun}
delivery (also: package, parcel)
小包 [こづつみ] {noun}
delivery (also: releasing stored goods)
倉出し [くらだし] {noun}
delivery (also: conveyance, despatch, dispatch, serving)
送達 [そうたつ] {noun}
delivery (also: releasing stored goods)
蔵出し [くらだし] {noun}
伝送 [でんそう] {noun}
delivery (also: communication, transmission)
伝達 [でんたつ] {noun}
delivery (also: distribution)
配信 [はいしん] {noun}
delivery (also: dispatch)
配送 [はいそう] {noun}
delivery (also: distribution)
配達 [はいたつ] {noun}
delivery (also: branch, offshoot, parturition)
分身 [ぶんしん] {noun}
分娩 [ぶんべん] {noun}
delivery (also: parturition)
分娩作用 [ぶんべんさよう] {noun}
引渡し [ひきわたし] {noun}
デリバリー [でりばりー] {noun}

2. "baby"

出産 [しゅっさん] {noun}

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EnglishWe are placing this trial order on the condition that the delivery is made before…
EnglishWe place this trial order on the condition that the delivery has to be made before…
Englishgoods loaded in the afternoon for delivery the following morning
Englishemployee of a messenger or delivery service
Englishdelivery of freight to a station
Englishdelivery of freight to a station
Englishdivided delivery of cargo, etc.
Englishinstallment payment or delivery
Englishexpress home delivery company
Englishdelivery of freight or goods
Englishdesignated delivery point
Englishsame-day special delivery
Englishdelivery from a storehouse
Englishprompt payment or delivery
Englishappointed day of delivery
Englishexpress parcel delivery
Englishfull payment or delivery
Englishcollection and delivery
Englishexpress delivery post
Englishspecial delivery mail