dispute {noun}

dispute (also: quarrel)
言合い [いいあい] {noun}
dispute (also: quarrel)
言い合い [いいあい] {noun}
dispute (also: bickering, quarrel)
口げんか [くちげんか] {noun}
dispute (also: argument, quarrel)
口喧嘩 [くちけんか] {noun}
dispute (also: quarrel, tangle, wrangle, wrangling)
口論 [こうろん] {noun}
dispute (also: conflict, contest, quarrel, rivalry)
争い [あらそい] {noun}
争い事 [あらそいごと] {noun}
dispute (also: quarrel, strike)
争議 [そうぎ] {noun}
dispute (also: argument, controversy)
争論 [そうろん] {noun}
dispute (also: quarrel, trouble, storm, wind and waves)
風波 [ふうは] {noun}
dispute (also: disturbance, trouble)
紛擾 [ふんじょう] {noun}
dispute (also: strife, trouble)
紛争 [ふんそう] {noun}
dispute (also: quarrel, trouble)
悶着 [もんちゃく] {noun}
dispute (also: argument, comment, controversy, debate)
[ろん] {noun}
論争 [ろんそう] {noun}
dispute (also: quarrel, trouble)
揉め [もめ] {noun}
dispute (also: friction, quarrel, trouble)
揉め事 [もめごと] {noun}
dispute (also: friction, quarrel, trouble)
揉事 [もめごと] {noun}
dispute (also: quarrel)
諍い [いさかい] {noun}
dispute (also: argument, discussion)
議論 [ぎろん] {noun}
dispute (also: resistance)
抗争 [こうそう] {noun}
dispute (also: contention)
係争 [けいそう] {noun} [rare]

Context sentences for "dispute" in Japanese

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