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dress {noun}

You look beautiful in that dress/shirt!
dress (also: clothing, costume)
衣装 [いしょう] {noun}
dress (also: outfit)
出で立ち [いでたち] {noun}
dress (also: appearance, outfit)
身形 [みなり] {noun}
dress (also: outfit, preparation, turnout, getup)
身仕度 [みじたく] {noun}
dress (also: adornment, equipment, makeup, outfit)
装い [よそおい] {noun}
dress (also: appearance, look)
風体 [ふうたい] {noun}

Context sentences for "dress" in Japanese

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Englishvariety of ceremonial dress made of intertwined cloth and silk threads
Englishfull Japanese court dress of traditional fashion
Englishman who imitates girls in dress, hair style, etc.
Englishlady's ceremonial court dress
Englishchanging dress for the season
Englishlightweight equipment or dress
Englishshort-sleeved dress shirt
Englishbodice of a woman's dress
Englishchanging dress for the season
Englishbodice of a woman's dress
Englishold ceremonial court dress
Englishchanging one's dress
Englishchanging one's dress
Englishto dress oneself up
Englishto dress vegetables
Englishto dress vegetables
Englisha dress-up doll
Englishto help dress
Englishto dress down