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"girls" in Japanese

girl {noun} [example]

EN girls

少女 [しょうじょ] {noun} (girlの複数形)

Context sentences for "girls" in Japanese

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Englishjust as even coarse tea tastes good when fresh, even homely girls look beautiful at the peak of their youth
Englishyoung girls who imitate the style of singer Amuro Namie
Englishschool for training bachelor girls in homemaking arts
Englishman who imitates girls in dress, hair style, etc.
Englishsad story of factory girls in pre-WWII Japan
Englishgirls' or women's division or section
Englishsubculture of teenage girls ca. 1999
Englishleader of a group of delinquent girls
Englishobsessively trend-conscious teen-age girls who may offer themselves for enjo kousai with older men in order to finance their lif
Englishstory for young girls