EN help

help (also: assistance)
お世話 [おせわ] {noun}
help (also: aid, relief)
救い [すくい] {noun}
help (also: aid, assistance)
御世話 [おせわ] {noun}
help (also: aid, relief, salvation, rescue)
救済 [きゅうさい] {noun}
[さ] {noun} [obs.]
help (also: hand, a help)
手助け [てだすけ] {noun}
help (also: assistance, assistant, helper)
手伝い [てつだい] {noun}
help (also: assistance)
[すけ] {noun}
help (also: assistance)
助け [たすけ] {noun}
help (also: lifeboat)
助け船 [たすけぶね] {noun}
help (also: aid, assistance, favour, favor)
世話 [せわ] {noun}
help (also: aid, assistance, support)
扶助 [ふじょ] {noun}
help (also: adviser, advisor, aid, assistance)
補佐 [ほさ] {noun}
help (also: adviser, advisor, aid, assistance)
輔佐 [ほさ] {noun}
[う] {noun}
[ちから] {noun}
help (also: assistance, service)
力添え [ちからぞえ] {noun}
Thank you for your help in this matter.
へルプ [へるぷ] {noun}

Context sentences for "help" in Japanese

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EnglishIf you wish to succeed, first help others to succeed
EnglishUnderstanding...can help reveal…
Englishpraying at a temple or shrine for help to stop drinking
EnglishUnable to load the requested help topic
ヘルプ トピックを読み込めません
Englishto appeal to people to help the poor
Englishwithout being able to help oneself
Englishwithout being able to help oneself
Englishto help one another to sake
Englishto help a person to his feet
Englishcannot help feeling that
Englishby dint of their help
Englishhelp wanted advertisements
Englishcan't help worrying
Englishto help a person stand
Englishto help out of danger
Englishplease help me
Englishto help each other
Englishto pitch in and help
Englishcannot help but
Englishto help dress