EN hide

hide (also: shelter, shield)
[とく] {noun}
hide (also: fur, leather, pelt, rind)
[かわ] {noun}
hide (also: leather)
皮革 [ひかく] {noun}
[ふく] {noun}
hide (also: mistake, peace, be lost, beautiful)
[いつ] {noun}

Context sentences for "hide" in Japanese

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Englishfront company set up to hide someone's true profession by pretending to employ them
EnglishShow or Hide the Composition Toolbar
Composition ツールバーの表示/非表示を切り替えます。
EnglishShow or hide Message Toolbar
メッセージ ツールバーの表示/非表示を切り替えます。
Englishgame of hide-and-seek
Englishhide and seek