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EN in the middle

in the middle
中途 [ちゅうと] {noun}

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Context sentences for "in the middle" in Japanese

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Englishin calligraphy, a style of holding the brush between the thumb and the index and middle fingers
Englishdistinctive body odor of the middle-aged and elderly
Englishswimming in the middle of winter or the cold season
Englishjunior high school or middle school graduate
Englishstreet violence against middle-aged men
Englishgenerally obnoxious middle-aged woman
Englishto stop in the middle of a sentence
Englishto stop in the middle of a sentence
Englishchild in elementary or middle school
Englishidentifying with the middle class
Englishsecond year in junior middle school
Englishmiddle third of a two-hour period
Englishthe middle-aged and the elderly
Englishmiddle and high-school students
Englishcallus on one's middle finger
Englishelementary and middle schools
Englishrude term for middle-aged man
Englishattractive middle-aged man
Englishin the middle of something
Englishhouse in the middle of a town