lie {noun}

lie (also: falsehood)
lie (also: false report)
造言 {noun}
lie (also: fake, nonsense)
ガセ {noun}
lie (also: falsehood)
妄語 {noun}
偽り {noun}
lie (also: imitated cry)
空音 {noun} [rare]
lie (also: falsehood)
空言 {noun} [rare]

Context sentences for "lie" in Japanese

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Englishto lie on one's back with legs outstretched
Englishto lie scattered or strewn about
Englishcircumstances may justify a lie
Englishto lie on top of one another
Englishto be or lie just outside of
Englishto lie on top of each other
Englishlet sleeping dogs lie
Englishto lie on one's stomach
Englishto lie in
Englishlie detector test

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