EN note

note (also: notebook)
ノート {noun} [abbr.]
note (also: memo, memorandum)
メモ {noun}
音符 [おんぷ] {noun}
note (also: sound)
[おと] {noun}
note (also: correspondence, letter)
書簡 [しょかん] {noun}
書翰 [しょかん] {noun}
note (also: document, letter)
書札 [しょさつ] {noun}
note (also: letter)
書状 [しょじょう] {noun}
note (also: bill, document, paper)
書付 [かきつけ] {noun}
note (also: annotation, commentary)
註釈 [ちゅうしゃく] {noun}
調べ [しらべ] {noun}
note (also: remarks)
備考 [びこう] {noun}
note (also: addition, appendix)
付記 [ふき] {noun}
note (also: music, score)
[ふ] {noun}
文書 [ぶんしょ] {noun}
note (also: memo)
覚え書き [おぼえがき] {noun}

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EnglishNote: a change to this setting will only take effect the next time you open a Messenger window.
注意: この設定は、次回 Messenger ウィンドウを開いた時から有効になります。
Englishautograph or note of authentication written on a box containing an art work
English7th note in the tonic solfa representation of the diatonic scale
Englishmessage appended to a note accompanying a gift, requesting the recipient to keep the gift at hand
Englishsoftware used to note content typed
Englishto leave a note or document behind
EnglishJust a short note to tell you ...
Englishadditional or supplemental note
EnglishI need a sick note.
Englishaccompanying note or letter
Englishnote on back of the scroll
Englishto leave a note behind
Englishto leave a note behind
Englishbill or note payable
Englishnatural musical note
Englishfloating rate note
Englishnote left behind
Englishto change a note