EN pause

pause (also: pose)
ポーズ {noun}
一段落 [いちだんらく] {noun}
一息 [ひといき] {noun}
pause (also: moratorium, suspension)
一時停止 [いちじていし] {noun}
pause (also: dormancy, rest)
休止 [きゅうし] {noun}
pause (also: time)
[あいだ] {noun}
pause (also: end, punctuation, stop)
句切り [くぎり] {noun}
pause (also: juncture, period, punctuation, end)
区切り [くぎり] {noun}
pause (also: a break or breather)
小休止 [しょうきゅうし] {noun}
pause (also: break, cut, end, gap)
切れ目 [きれめ] {noun}
pause (also: break, cut, end, gap)
切目 [きれめ] {noun}
中断 [ちゅうだん] {noun}

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