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EN pitch

1. general

pitch (also: dip, gradient, inclination, list)
傾斜 [けいしゃ] {noun}
pitch (also: key, mood, tendency, time)
調 [ちょう] {noun}
pitch (also: condition, impetus, key, knack)
調子 [ちょうし] {noun}

2. colloquial

ピッチ {noun} [coll.]

Context sentences for "pitch" in Japanese

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Englishone of the accent patterns of Japanese words, with a rising and then falling pitch
Englishpitch that comes toward the batter at a speed slower than expected
Englishpitch that lures a batter to swing
Englishwaiting for a good hit at a pitch
Englishbrush back pitch
Englishto pitch in and help