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EN prize

prize (also: accolade, award, premium, plume)
[しょう] {noun}
prize (also: premium, prize money)
賞金 [しょうきん] {noun}
prize (also: bonus, reward)
賞与 [しょうよ] {noun}
珍重 [ちんちょう] {noun}
prize (also: treasure, treasured)
秘蔵 [ひぞう] {noun}
prize (also: medal, reward)
褒賞 [ほうしょう] {noun}
prize (also: reward)
褒美 [ほうび] {noun}

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EnglishNobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Englishprize for diligence or good attendance
Englishreward or prize for perfect attendance
Englishprize awarded for a person's effort
Englishfirst prize in a private lottery
EnglishNobel Prize in Economics
EnglishNobel Prize in Literature
EnglishNobel Prize in Chemistry
Englishproblem for a prize contest
EnglishNobel Prize in Physics
Englishconsolation or booby prize
Englishearned prize money king
Englishto be awarded a prize
Englishwinning a prize or place
EnglishNobel Peace Prize
EnglishNobel peace prize
Englishto receive a prize
Englishto offer a prize
Englishto offer a prize
Englishto award a prize