EN reach

届く距離 [とどくきょり] {noun}
reach (also: outreach)
手を伸ばすこと [てをのばすこと] {noun}

Context sentences for "reach" in Japanese

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Englishday on which the temperature fails to reach 0 degrees Centigrade
EnglishI could not reach you on the phone, so I am writing you this mail to tell you I have to cancel your appointment for tomorrow.
Englishletter that fails to reach its destination
Englishto reach an impasse or deadlock
Englishto reach mutual understanding
Englishfailure to reach agreement
Englishto reach the point that
Englishto reach the summit
Englishto reach the limits
Englishto reach an extreme
Englishto reach out for
Englishto reach out for
Englishto reach out for