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ritual (also: festival)
祭祀 [さいし] {noun} [rare]
ritual (also: festival, rites)
祭事 [さいじ] {noun}
ritual (also: rites)
祭儀 [さいぎ] {noun}
ritual (also: secret ceremony)
秘儀 [ひぎ] {noun}
ritual (also: etiquette)
礼典 [れいてん] {noun}
ritual (also: ceremony, rite, service)
儀典 [ぎてん] {noun}

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Englishritual squatting, clapping, and bearing of empty hands performed before each sumo match
Englishthe whole ritual of taking and spitting the water prior to the bout
Englishsacred items buried in the sumo ring during its ritual purification
Englishritual stomping in unison on the final day of sumo tournament
Englishritual jades worn by feudal lords in ancient China
Englishritual music and dancing in shrines and temples
Englishritual sumo matches held at a shrine
Englishancient Chinese sacrificial ritual
Englishyakuza finger-cutting ritual
Englishritual visits to a temple