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EN injury

1. "damage or violation"

injury (also: damage, harm, wound)

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EnglishAs we speak, the world's first human embryonic stem cell trial for spinal cord injury is currently underway following the USFDA approval.
Akkurat nå, er verdens første kliniske forsøk på humane embryonale stamceller for ryggmargsskader nå underveis etter godkjennelse fra USFDA.
EnglishHeart disease, stroke, diabetes, spinal cord injury, muscular dystrophy, retinal eye diseases -- are any of these conditions relevant, personally, to you?
Hjertesykdommer, hjerneslag, diabetes, ryggmargsskader, muskeldystrofi, øyesykdommer; er noen av disse tilstandene personlig relevant for deg?
EnglishBut when we were looking at the case sheets, what we found was, these people with the paralyzed phantom limbs, the original arm was paralyzed because of the peripheral nerve injury.
Men da vi så over sykejournalene fant vi ut at disse menneskene med paralyserte fantomlemmer, den originale armen var paralysert på grunn av skaden i den perifere nerven.

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